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Dr. Peter Anderson

History Applied is Dr. Peter Anderson. I am an Ottawa-based interdisciplinary historical researcher and writer, with degrees in Geography (PhD), Public History (MA), and the Humanities (BHums). My personal work examines the intersection of science, politics and landscape change in Canada.

I have over a decade of historical research experience in the public, private, and academic sectors. I've taught at Trent University and Queen's University and conducted research training programs at the Department of Justice Canada. I run a walking tour on scientific history through Ottawa (de)Tours.

My research philosophy is simple: place matters. History helps us understand and unravel the palimpsest of experiences and relationships that make up our world. It also shows us that change is possible. I firmly believe that by better understanding the messiness of the past that we can create a better future both by preserving key institutions and landscapes and by addressing historical wrongs.

I am an active member of the Coalition to Protect the Central Experimental Farm, a group of scientific, greenspace, and heritage advocates seeking to promote and preserve the Farm's place within Ottawa and Canada.