Research and Consulting

Public history means many different things depending who you talk to. At it's simplest, public history includes all ways that history is applied outside of an academic environment. It includes, but is by no means limited to, institutions such as museums and archives, sites of commemoration such as cenotaphs and heritage houses, and non-academic research avenues such as litigation support and genealogy.

At History Applied we examine the myriad ways we think about, preserve, and interpret the past.

Services provided include:
  • Historical research and interpetation
  • Family history and genealogy
  • Military records
  • Local Ottawa and Ottawa valley history
  • House histories
  • Agricultural history
  • Research for litigation purposes and litigation support
  • History of education, schools, and learning
  • Other research projects at Ottawa area archives, like LAC
  • Writing web content
  • Assistance with ATIP and FIPPA requests
If you have a project, please contact me by email at info[at]historyapplied[dot]com with a description of your project for a quote.