Monday, 31 March 2014

Environmental History Panels at 2014 CHA

This is a rough list of environmental history panels at this year's CHA. Please let me know if I missed any! The schedule is available here as a PDF

2014-05-02: Now updated with relevant CAG panels! (Schedule as PDF)

Monday, May 26


Finding Nature, Hiding Culture and Forgetting Industry at Canadian and American Parks.

Panel: Lauren Wheeler, Jessica DeWitt, Peter Anderson (me!)
Chair: John Walsh


The Great Naked, Rowdy, Drunken Outdoors: Exploring Canada’s Vernacular Culture of Nature through ‘Bad’ Behaviour

Panel: Dale Barbour, Ben Bradley, Mary-Ann Shantz
Chair: Sean Kheraj

Tuesday, May 27


Thinking about Animals in Urban Canada

Panel: Joanna Dean, Christabelle Sethna, Darcy Ingram
Chair: Laura Cameron

Systems, Spaces, Objects, Identities: Cultural Histories of Technology in 20th Century Canada

Panel: Daniel Macfarlane, Bret Edwards, Jan Hadlaw, Anne F MacLennan
Chair: Steve Penfold


Sustainable Development, the Arctic, and “Counterweights”: Problems in the 1970s, Problems Now

Panel: P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Henry Trim, Frank Maas
Chair: Ian Muller


Forest Ecosystems, Economies and Places CAG

Panel: Sinead Earley; Brenda Murphy, Annette Chretien, Grant Morin; Anderson Assuah; and, Sara Teitelbaum and Ryan Bullock 

Wednesday, May 28


Blending Boundaries: Integrating Historical Approaches in Examining the Natural World in 20th Century Canada

Panel: Jonathan McQuerrie, Mike Commito, Mark Kuhlberg
Chair: TBA


Special Panel on a Proposal for a Canadian Historical GIS Network CAG

Panel: Byron Moldofsky, Leon Robichaud, Donald Lafreniere   

Critical Legal Geographies CAG

Panel: Valentia Capurri; Rebekah Ingram, Adrian John, Richard Quodomine and Jay Toth; and, Laura Schaefli  


The State, Conservation and Moral Economies

Panel: George Warecki, Steve Penfold, Denny DeSerres Brett
Chair: TBA


Interrogating Toronto's Past CAG

Panel: Richard Anderson, Harvey Rainbow, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh